Two men arrested in liquor store robbery.

Macon police have charged two men with the armed robbery of a liquor store, while a suspected accomplice lies in a hospital bed in critical condition.

Wednesday, police arrested Gregory Dewayne Thomas, 18, who is accused of driving the getaway car in the April 7 hold-up of Big Daddy's Package Store at 3145 Napier Ave., according to a news release from the Macon Police Department.

Clifford Smalls, 20, who is accused of entering the store with a shotgun, was arrested Tuesday, the release stated.

Jarvis Williams, 20, believed to be the other gunman in the robbery, was found with a gunshot wound to the torso a few blocks away from the store where the clerk fired shots at the fleeing gunman.

Williams remains in critical condition with a collapsed lung, said Lt. Carl Fletcher of the Macon Police Department.

Police have yet to establish a link between the suspects in a similar robbery April 6 at the Texaco Food Mart on Mercer University Drive. - Liz Fabian

Officials explain Ga. law about use of force by crime victims

Source: Becky Purser, Telegraph Staff Writer

Two men - one brandishing a shotgun - allegedly robbed Big Daddy's liquor store in Macon on April 7, but as the men fled with the money, the clerk leaned out the drive-through window, pointed a handgun at the men and told them to drop the money.

The man with the shotgun allegedly turned and pointed it at the clerk, and the clerk then fired - wounding the second suspect who remained in critical condition Tuesday at a Macon hospital.

Published on April 20, 2005, Page b, Macon Telegraph, The (GA)

Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2005

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