Happy Mother’s Day


Mother Day is a day to recognize moms and Happy Mother’s Day to All moms.

When translated further, it may be for mom’s with living children or moms in good standing.

My message is to moms who have lost children or in conflict with their children and the motherless child.

Too many Motherless Children, just as too many fatherless children.

In the midst of all the celebration, we often go unnoticed. Buy her this, send her that and take her here.

Hold on.
We are together.
And we are one.

Deceased or in conflict, we will never understand. We just keep going.

Our mom is in a white carnation and a memory.

Mother’s Day for us is a day of reflection and spiritual growth.

So for you and your moment of reflection and growth, I share this song. "SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD"

I hope you find peace and joy within. Celebration with a friend or love one and share their mom.

Happy Mother’s Day from her Motherless Child.

SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD « A American Negro Spirituals » by J. W. Johnson, J. R. Johnson, 1926

The original song dates back to when it was common practice to sell children of slaves.

The Five Blind Boys of Alabama

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