Murder his own Wife?

Why would any man?

Why would a man murder his own wife?

Educate and innovate our own political, religious and social insecurities? Are you going to get away with it – guns in the church, then why go to church?

Most people will pay this article no attention because it is from me, but you do not need to be too smart to figure out things in life. As a matter of fact, the smarter you are, probably the more difficult you are inclined to make it?

You do not need to be a great visionary to know we do not want to make the hard choices, which are not so hard, if you live up to them? Do not you want to see things get better? Do not you want to help? Do not you want to be helped? Do not you fear for your own safety and security? So what must be done and who has to do it? And I am no angel, but I do correct myself and see my own insecurities. That is why I write. Educate and innovate!

Pride, this one word is killing us! Must you be of any certain religion to understand the implications of such a mentality?

Why would a man decide to kill the person he chose to love and cherish? Why would he set his own house on fire, shoot her, drive her off a cliff or bridge, into a lake, stab or beat her to death? Why would he murder his own children?

Why would a cop shoot a fleeing suspect or engage in a high speed chase, was this the last option available? Why would a criminal murder an innocent victim?

Why would a woman murder the man she chose to love and cherish? Why would she murder her children? Why do we abort for our own stupidity? Why do you abandon your child?

Why would a child murder his or her parents, siblings and/or classmates? Is there anyone left? Is there any end to this murder madness?

And last but not least, why would any person want to murder themselves? Why would any human being murder another human being, who has not threatened the use of deadly force?

The majority of these occur due to mental and emotional issues and could be easily avoided by embracing and obeying laws we could all live by - human rights. We would like to think these kinds of incidents happen much less than we care to own, but we know different and they are on the rise, mostly due to our religious divides. Many of us are neglected due to our own political, religious and social insecurities, tearing someone else down so we feel better about us. Every time a question of self-defense is raised, so is a gun as the means to resolve it. The gun is our weapon of choice.

Why do we blame others for our own shortcomings? Talking about failing due to party lines, what about religious and social lines? Which is more important, spirituality, society or politics? Educate and innovate!

The majority of these cases, we would like to think were in self defense, even though we know not. People who commit these kinds of crimes have to be mad. Mad with what, jealousy and envy.

However, we know all of these cases are out of fear. Would it be because the victim overlooked the obvious? Would it be because they feared the other would get away with it? Would it be because we have let them down spiritually? There is surely no fear of God in this place.

Let us fix what needs fixing and move forward - our own political, religious and social insecurities. They all boil down to one word.

He had won the admiration and respect of the people, because he healed them, fed them, and encouraged them through teaching.

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