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My Motivation

In 1861, Booker T. Washington was one of the 4,000,000 enslaved people in the 'Land of the Free.'

What number am I?

I just feel like saying, "THANK YOU".

Somehow, I hit this country at the best time. I really don't think I would have made a good slave.

Don't even think I would have made a good Martin Luther King but, I do feel a sense indebtedness and of duty, honor, country to do all I can to contribute to their efforts. They did it for their day and I must for mine.

The African-American male, today, is still in the shadows of slavery. I am The Proof. My community is proof.

I can fight for any cause, other than my own.

I do not want to talk about "rights", that is pretty much done. Just being accepted as another American male, as another human being that is working, not slaving, to make something out of himself.

America is just not ready yet.

It is not an African-American male problem, it is a society problem.

Now, I can join the ranks of those who choose to overlook or I can continue working in hopes that African-American males will continue good efforts, earning the credit and respect we never received from our women, children nor society.

My contribution, small or large, I commend the super talented brothers who have managed to rise above poverty. When will you stretch a hand to other serious brothers who want to make it? Where do we go to sign up? I know where the department of labor is, YMCA and the likes.

I see you with the bling, girls, cars, houses, jails.... I hear about your gangs, clubs, resturants and concerts. As a matter of fact, the last drive by killed my dreams.

Any man can do what he wants with his money but there has to be a better way with the image.

You can wear a pair of ragged pants, t-shirt, shoes and get the same results. Clean is what makes the difference.

The very things we "desire not" to be judged by, you front and flaunt as a necessity to get paid and laid.

It is not your talents, it's to what extent you are led to believe you must go to present them. Some things just are not worth it.

Koreans master black hair and beauty industry and almost every Black Woman has a piece of false hair in her head. What does hair do for your image?

Who defines who and what you are?

Where does it stop?

I am not a player hater. I admire your talents.

Be the change in the world you want to see.

Am I not ready?

I am very thankful for the Love of my parents, family and friends, and to all those who have touched my life, Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, Coaches.

Thank You for helping me make it safely through all my mistakes, trials and failures.

Even though I have often felt, there has never been equality nor freedom in the "homeland of the free, America is truly a great place to live.

Do not let America be the only country you visit.

"A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... and how many want out." -- Tony Blair

I will sum it up with the words of Brother Langston Hughes.

Thank you for visiting and remember, the change you want to see.

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