Weed Killer

All Natural Weed Killer

I have not tried any of these but they sound great and meet all my concerns. So, I thought I should capture them so I can.

  • Environmentally Safe!
  • Costs Pennies!
  • Works well and on Almost Every Weed!
  • Purchased at any Grocery Store!
  • All natural and Does Not harm the environment. Healthy soils naturally resist weeds.
1 quart (litre) of vinegar(10% vinegar works even better than 5%), 1/2 cup of salt (rock salt optional) and 1oz. dishwashing liquid.

Mix and spray weeds. Stir salt in just enough water to dissolve. Add rest of ingredients after the salt dissolves or the salt will clog your sprayer.

Baking soda will also kill grass and weeds because it is highly alkaline as will lime if you use too much.

Boiling Hot Water works well and making it salty is even better.

Good luck and your feedback is always welcome.

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