Sewing For Beginners

A sewing machine can work for you.

Interior and Fashion Design, it all starts with an idea. Sewing plays a major role in bringing that idea into reality -Clothes, shoes, drapes, Linen, you name it.

Adding a stitch or color of thread can make all the difference.

Possibilities are unlimited.

Start early and grow with your fashion and interior design ideas.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine!

Sewing Machine, Basic Operation:

  1. The parts and setting the machine for sewing.

  2. Threading The Machine.

  3. Properly Installing Needles.

  4. Threading The Bobbin.

Basic Sewing Techniques

  1. Straight Stitch.

  2. Cutting Out A Simple Pattern.

  3. Measuring.

Experience can save you.

Have an idea, we can even make a pattern.

My schedule is flexible and learn at your own pace.

For advance techniques, let me know.

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