Open minded and Nonjudgmental

Art on what does that mean?

What does it mean

What does it mean to be open minded and nonjudgmental?

Being open minded, means being nonjudgmental meaning, you had better Watch yourself.

The people, forefathers or inhabitants have a lot to watch out for. Do we even have a clue what that means? Really, think back, not far back and ask yourself, "as a country, are we really open minded and nonjudgemental"?

Do we practice it?

How can and why do we keep saying that? To whom are we proving it too. Why even mention the shit if you have no intentions on doing it? Why say it when you know you are not?

Just one of those things that I think about in today's time. People say a lot shit, but when it comes right down to it, they ain't going to do a damn thing.

Now there are a few, who out of frustration turn violent and do something stupid, but think of all the people who will do nothing about that? So what exactly do you mean about being blessed?

If you knew what "really being blessed" is, we would not be having this discussion. Do you reckon anything has really changed since MLK, BO-44 or anybody else for that matter? So how do you think you have been blessed, when you have not really changed?

We embellish the idea of being embellished. Damn

(((your inner

What would happen if people really told the truth? Would the world come to an end?

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