When You've Been Blessed

Patti LaBelle

There's something almost mystical about people who manage to maintain lengthy careers in any industry, and those, like Patti Labelle, who get to the very pinnacle must be of another realm completely.

Born Patricia Holt on May 24, 1944, Patti LaBelle is the epitome of a diva.

From girl, her local Beulah Baptist Church, group success in the 1960s to international superstardom as a singer, actress, author and performer, she has always exuded strength, courage, intelligence, grace and compassion.

Over the years, these qualities have won her undying loyalty from her devoted fans world-wide, and a mountain of professional accolades and awards.

When You've Been Blessed lyrics were taken from Patti's CD - Burnin'.

Include it in your musical collection. Other songs are:

Feels Like Another One

Somebody Loves You Baby

When You Love Somebody

I Don't Do Duets


***When You've Been Bless***


I Hear Your Voice

We're Not Makin' Love

Release Yourself

Love Never Dies

Crazy Love

It's a great CD to have.


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