Why are people afraid to speak up?

People are afraid to speak up and tell the truth? Is it out concern for their own safety and well-being? Although many people are being taken advantage of and they know it, they will not speak up about it.

Alienation Many feel their situation is isolated.

Guilty. People feel trapped by their own stupidity and they and their love ones will be viewed as stupid by their peers.

Jobs. People feel if they told the truth it will cause negative consequences on their jobs.

Religion. People feel if they told the truth they will be condemned by their own religious beliefs.

Whatever happen to the truth will set you free? Whatever happened to the economic and educational value of telling the truth? Waste, fraud and abuse?

How many excuses can you have for failing to tell the truth? For whatever reasons people would rather endure the consequences of keeping their mouths closed, which is the same lying, than deal with the consequences of telling the truth.

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