Pop goes the Ego…

by Renenet Sekhmet

or is it Pop Goes the Weasel?

Yours, YourS, YOURS…

Slave mentality or Christian guilt?

We are responsible for our feelings. Look no further than yourself when your feelings are hurt.

The EGO dictates our feelings not any outside influence. Check yourself instead of blaming others for how you feel!

Why feel others are responsible for your feelings? This is what Christianity teaches to make sure we looked outside of ourselves instead of inside to self to ensure blame is placed on an outside influence whenever our ego/feelings are hurt which I call Christian guilt.

YOur feelings belong to you. No One can make you feel anything when you are the one having the feeling(s). How we feel is due to the level of our consciousness. Hurt feelings come from low vibrations generated from our Sebek energy (ego) that prevents us from reaching our higher (Ausar/Christ) consciousness.

When we do not allow the Most High to direct our lives, truth hurts our ego because our ego is in denial and does not want to be exposed. Ego knows truth but wants to hide (deny) from it when it’s hurtful. It is easier to blame another for our feelings than to own them and deal with truth.

Christians are taught to be meek like Jesus the Christ to be a good Christian. However, there was nothing meek about Jesus. He was a rebel fighting for Human rights not religion if he existed. Read “Jesus before Christianity” by Albert Nolan.

If you can’t say something nice, say nothing means tell a “white” lie instead of truth to me. Corinne may carry some baggage called Christian guilt; however, Renenet Sekhmet does not.

Renenet Sekhmet is the consciousness from where I write utilizing my melanin, knowledge from my ancestors within my higher consciousness. This knowledge was not removed from me through my education or religious experience. Our ancestors are part of us, they live within us and their knowledge cannot be removed, only put to sleep which the bible does. You must know this when reading my articles if nothing else about me.

When we possess the right knowledge of Ancient Africa, we see the greatness of dark skinned people who knew how to work together as a community to create everything to meet their needs. They created a civilization to benefit our world. They understood what’s required for a “balanced” universe, positive and negative energy (ying/yang). My ancestors were not Christians. They knew too much or none of one (positive/negative) energy (thoughts)creates imbalance in the universe - like too many false kind words do. Illusions were not needed since oneness was lived daily with no need for “white” lies to avoid hurt feelings. The slave mentality and Christian guilty did not exist for them.

My ancestors also knew about the Goddess Sekhmet and why the Most High sent/sends her energy to earth to destroy all of what is not of the Most High (not of balance) to allow for new creation, as a farmer burns/destroy his fields to begin his new growth of crops.

To put it short and sweet , the Slave mentality makes us blame the system, feel better than another of the same race which keeps us separated, distrusting and dysfunctional. Christian guilt makes us think it is better to tell a “white” lie than it is to tell our truth. Both need to be recognized, accepted and embraced so they can be destroyed to allow us to move forward in oneness with love, not allowing our ego to dictate our life making sure our inner voice is always our driver.

Until we totally remove the slave mentality from our memory, some may continue to look down on our darker skinned people because our system is still more comfortable with light to white skinned people of African descent. Would Obama been elected president if he was darker? Was it the melanin/DNA in Michelle that attracted Obama?

We are the same and different. If we are different, do you really know how we are? We are different, are we really equal? Is it why there was/is a need for you to change the true facts? Think about it, do you really know, are you teaching truth or lies? We start taking responsibility for our feelings when our ego learns to live and accept our truth.

Those of you with right knowledge; do you know your Trinity (3)?

Kind Words

Friday the 13th Harvest
Inner Peace is Found Anywhere
Proverbs 3:5-6

My Higher Consciousness

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