Kind Words

by Renenet Sekhmet

Kind Words …

Silence, Silence, silence and I’m still listening…

Due to childhood memories of physical and verbal abuse, I stopped posting in the Blog for a while waiting to hear kind words to write since I practice if I can’t say something nice, say nothing…

I asked the Most High to give me some Kind words . I listened with determination in silence for a long time, no kind words came through my inner voice which is where I receive my words when I write.

During this time, I decided to read other articles on kind words previously written on Y.I.V to find out if they would trigger a kind word within me. It didn’t work; however I found an article which informed me that Silence is good. So I changed my question and I asked, “Why do you not provide me with Kind Words?”

I heard, “there are no Kind Words for what I have witness through your eyes, only the need to help My Children know that My Spirit is found within them. Your words may seem harsh to those who sleep; however, you must know you are speaking your truth as I direct your words.”…

This is when I realize it is the memories of my ancestors within me preventing the usages of kind words to Biblians (people who carry the Bible, quote the bible but do not live by the bible or practice the commandments) who read this Blog.

Do you remember Undisputed Truth singing “Smiling Faces”?

It was kind words of bible toting Christians with smiling faces that enslaved my ancestors. Think about it; kind words, smiling facings and the Bible placed a people into slavery for how many years? Our educators and some religious leaders are trained to change clothes, put on a smiling face, and sell us quotes from a book that enslaved our ancestors. It reminds me of “Batman running around in a stupid cape”. How many costumes and masks do they wear while quoting the bible, can you see there are some who wear many costumes to play a part? How can anyone try to look beyond outward appearances after reading HIStory that explains to us they do not live by what they preach, only quote or carry the book under an arm to conquer and to take (steal) whatever they want from others. If the shoes do not fit you, do NOT wear them by taking offense.

Do not be fooled, listen to your inner voice.

When we know our oneness with the Most High/Father/Amen Ra/God, we live in a peace that nothing can disturb and we love everyone unconditionally; even those who want to be our enemy, we do not have to like them (respect them, why?). We see the “unrealities” of others that is done (i.e. painting white faces in place of Blacks who actual did the work) to distract us from our greatness which started with the Most High being separate from us and White.

When we realize the Giver of Life lives within, is our “Ra” (Life-force/”Light”), and fully allow our inner voice to direct our thoughts and actions, we step into our greatness unafraid of any circumstance trying to deter us. We make changes that are required to ensure no Human rights are violated in our life time because we hear the call of others when we are oneness. We are on
our journey
to greatness understanding our oneness with the Giver of Our Lives. It does not matter the path in life we chose to walk when we walk our path listening to our inner voice and live our truth.

There are no prerequisites to achieve love and peace that are only found within oneness with the Father and Mother energies of Light that provide unconditional love to us - only love.

Relax, Feel and Listen – meditate!

If you need help that cannot be found here, try Seeds of light Mission.

Listening to our inner voice and living our truth are the only ways to find peace. Meditate to hear the Most High’s spirit speak to you through your inner voice. Remember meditation is to listen to Your Higher Consciousness/Your-inner-voice “the Spirit of the Most High” (Christians, please read Proverbs 3: 5-6 ) where prayer is asking for something you want to be provided to you by an outside force.

We must know the Most High lives within us; s/he knows all about us, and always provides for us through our actions when we allow our actions to be directed by our inner voice, the “SPIRIT of the Most High”. Inner Peace can be Found Anywhere and it is a moment away!

I am thankful that I know kind words are not required to bring me peace. I write because I realize peace can only be found within My Higher Consciousness when I listen to My Inner Voice and share “right knowledge” with others to release them from their sleep, a state of mind that the “isms” created to put our minds in.

Light Workers are here to awaken you to your oneness which will allow you to participate in making changes which ensure Human right violations stop immediately, instead of contributing your energy through “processed thoughts ” to a known problem. Some may use “any means necessary” to achieve the goal. Light Workers know there is no need to seek Forgiveness because we allow the Most High to be the driver in our life.

Right Knowledge is to know The Most High’s male and female energies flow through us at all times which balances and brings us into our Oneness with Nature and never leaves us in the” Shadow of Darkness” or doubt.

Many write about seeing God everywhere and in everything they do or at least try to see God somewhere in their life at various times, usually when they are in stress. How was peace lost? We are responsible for reaching the peace within us.

Look no further than yourself, make sure you reach deep within you to I AM where you will find your true inner voice to comfort you and keep you in peace.

There will not be a need to travel North from the South to find out the grass is not greener. We will already know how to Resonate with nature without trying to stroke our ego. We will grow our food and teach others how to grow their food too, prepared for people from the North when they must move to the South.

We will teach our children the survival skills of our parents and grandparents.

There is no greater way for us to change our environment than to share the positive actions of our parents or grandparents who knew how to find and grow their own food.

The smile on a friend or neighbor’s face when sharing my produce is a wonderful reward; the feeling is shared in oneness with the Most High to the universe. This is the type of energy that will manifest the changes we need to ensure a better future for all children. Ye Are Gods! There are many reasons to know life sustaining skills starting with us.

Now …
How will you Think today?
Will you Love to Love and participate in your Oneness in truth? Or will you miss your door and window of opportunity?

Remember the Most High speaks your language.

These articles may assist those in need of kind words:

Word of mouth
Unseen power of words

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Oct 19, 2012
Happy Smiling Faces
by: Renenet Sekhmet

Even though I may agree with most of what you wrote MS MDW, I do not need to wear masks or costunes only my smile of sincerity. No offense is taken from other people's words when we know the true intent behind our smiles. Do not be afraid to be the beautiful person are you. Never allow anything to rob you of your peace. I wish you wrote more from your "I AM" instead of quoting others. Your writings are beautiful when you do.

Oct 18, 2012
"Happy Smiling Faces"
by: Anonymous

“Happiness isn’t the reward we retrieve after a long struggle. It arrives daily, in those clear moments when our hearts are tender, pricked by the embrace of a loved one, the beauty of a single flower, the majesty of the world in which we are central. Look over your shoulder at how far you’ve come and all the good things you’ve experienced and that is when you will see the [smiling face] of happiness.” Are you not smiling?

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