Practice What You Preach

It's one of my greatest challenges especially when I am confronted. Some say it's human nature.

I've always said, what good is good advice if you can not use it or do not practice it. Have the courage of your convictions.

Patience, Understanding, Love, Sympathy, Unselfishness and Kindness

What good is "good advice" when at the most appropriate or crucial time I behave out of: Arrogance, Anger, Control, Fear, Greed, Hate, Haste, Ignorance, Jealousy, Low Self-Esteem, Stress, Stupidity, Too Proud.

It's these kind of challenges that tests and determines ones character. It is these kind of challenges by which you can determine what a person is made of.

It is at these times, I need to ensure I conduct myself in the most appropriate and professional manner.

There are no ABC answers or methods to life but, at all costs, I need to be the change I would like to see. I need to be the good example for others to follow. I need to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Keep it real. Be open and honest. Feelings and emotions are real, and how you express them can make a world of difference.

Be willing to forgive and Prepared to sacrifice.

a strong spiritual based faith, along with the ability to be flexible .

Good home-based training early on.

The need for more credible open sources and made available when needed, not when open.

Learn and Create more relaxed, less stressful, environments.

Practice what you preach!

No Opportunity Wasted

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