Psycho Sid's Detail Shop

Psycho Sid cleans like crazy.

Professional Car Wash by Hand

Psycho Sid cleans your auto like crazy

Psycho Sid Detail Shop wash vehicles by hand, using quality products designed to best clean. He completely cleans and polishes your vehicle the old fashion way. His work Out Lasts the others.

Psycho Sid applies wax by hand and uses his favorite buffer to remove old wax and polish your vehicle to a gleaming shine.

During the process, Psycho Sid is often able to remove dull paint and small scratches, brighten chrome remove tar and other stubborn dirt and stains.

He takes the time to get the dirt and dust out of cracks most over look.

All Price Ranges and/or Get on the budget plan.

Car Wash and Vacuum while you patronize lovely downtowm Macon, GA --

Your vehicle is Safe and Secure at Psycho Sid.

Walk-ins Welcome and no job is too big.

Call for your vehicle, today.

Psycho Sid

Macon, Georgia
In the Garage of the old Cassidy Auto Parts Building at the corner of Mulberry, right across from The Gateway Plaza.

Psycho Sid---Where your vehicle is cleaned like crazy.

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