Sick Economy Needs???

The last thing our sick economy needs?

If you think things are crazy now . . . just wait awhile

Personally, I am beginning to wonder if 30 years of watching cable or satellite TV has turned many Americans into robots. Of course, that was one of the favorite topics of conspiracy theorists in the early 1990s. I did see one example of it. A neighbor in Virginia would stare at the TV screen at 3-6 AM at night, when there was stationary picture of Satan on it.

We had eight years of unprecedented trampling of our constitutional rights combined with the largest shift in wealth from the middle class to the elite in our country's history. Yet, the talking heads yapped incessantly about the illegal immigrants and lazy minorities taking over the country - and the need to further reduce the tax burden of the elite. You would think most of the illegal aliens have gone home, because there are no jobs for them or anyone else.

During the last presidential campaign, the official label of Democrats went from being liberals to being socialists and wussies. After a ridiculous amount of public energy was expended in passing a medical insurance bailout act, the official label of the Obama Administration is now that they are Nazi's. It is everywhere, on FOX among the Tea Party folks, among the white trash, you name it. They are all now calling the Obama administration, NAZIS . . . And yet, the Bush family members were once literally card carrying Nazi's. GW's grandfather helped Hitler build up his war machine. He was charged with treason, but convicted of giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Elected Republican officials are openly encouraging sedition and civil war. The last thing our sick economy needs is civil war. Are they crazy? Well, yes and no.

The current game plan is for the rightwing fringe to create chaos VERY SOON, and then the military will come to the aid of the poor helpless American people. They will receive all the love and admiration that they missed while being second string football players in high school. The very Republicans who seem to be encouraging the pending paramilitary activities will distance themselves from their supporters and call for a temporary martial law, i.e. military government. Sarah Palin is being set up as a patsy. They knew that she would play the role without having a clue.

It is assumed that enough Democrats will sell their souls, to make it possible. By the way, the opening of offshore drilling near Virginia, was one of Obama's political payoffs for support getting the health insurance bailout act passed. That's the Democrat's big weakness . . . they will sell their soul to be popular. It was Ronald Reagan, who banned off-shore drilling anyway. Isn't that a hoot? Opening up offshore drilling is a favorite Republican mantra, but it was they who banned it in the first place . . . in order to be more popular on the Pacific Coast.

Traitors, in particular psychopathic traitors, always show some of their cards, in advance.

Well, y'all have fun. I will find some remote mountain lake to go camping and fishing on.

Or a farm to live on when things get really crazy. - B&SD

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