Slavery In America

My family...

Gentle and lonely in heart
My cousin, brother, sister, uncle, aunt and me

By the photo, "Who ain't got a sack?" :-/

Torture. Tormenting. Terrorizing. Dehumanizing.

Labour and Heavy-laden,

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.

Many tears have fallen and souls have lost their way.

Tired, discouraged and too broken to pray.

Where do I find rest?

Will you be my tenderness for the world to see?

Helpless, who will speak,


Somewhere between here and there.

Today, our affairs remain a mystery.

The Forgotten sadly lives up to their name.

No one held responsible, no one to blame.

World peace, is our goal?

-- Fellowship with Christians, Hindus and Muslims living together in love and trust.

The First Americans

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