How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Stella Stella at age 40, seems to have it all: great job, power, high-salary stock broker, a beautiful home overlooking San Francisco, and a bright, loving young son. She is a dedicated single mother, a devoted sister, and friend.

But Stella lost her groove

For what seems like forever, Stella has forgotten to have fun... to take chances. But Stella's vivacious friend, Delilah, has the antidote for Stella's rut - a vacation to the golden, sun-kissed beaches of Jamaica, where the over-worked, enjoyment-deprived Stella can forget about her job, her high-maintenance sisters and being the perfect mother. It's time, says Delilah, for something - someone - to rock Stella's world.”Delilah!"

The lush surroundings eventually work their magic. Stella meets, and is immediately attracted to, a Jamaican named Winston. He's handsome, intelligent, sexy, attentive, charming - and crazy about Stella. What starts as a vacation fling begins to deepen. Stella is as captivated by this young man as he is of her. There's only one problem, and to her (and almost everyone around her) it's a big one: He's only twenty years old. Stella and Winston

The movie portrays a story of a woman's search for fulfillment and the courage within to embrace love - even when it means breaking society's "rules" about romance.

There are a lot of people out there who are educated, have great careers, lots of money - and are bored to death; that includes marriages. For whatever reasons they refuse to give themselves permission to take risks in life and not worry about what people are going to think.

Angela Bassett, the film's leading actress, appreciates Stella's situation and the experiences that help her find her way out of it. Stella, like many women, is a nurturer, friend, mother, aunt and worker," says Bassett. She's just plain busy with life. She has put off nurturing and giving herself the freedom to really love somebody and allowing them love her- regardless of a big age difference."

She's thinking, when I'm 50, he'll be 30. Will he still be in love with me? So she's very cautious." In this film, Stella's ties with her sisters are close, sometimes combative, and always supportive. But their mixed reactions to Stella's young boyfriend cause ripples in their familial dynamic. Why aren't we entitled to happiness in any form that we find it in?

Who is to say what is right and wrong, or what is appropriate or inappropriate?

Is there a double standard about having relationships with an older partner?"

This film asks important life questions.

  1. Can you live your own life in happiness?
  2. Is finding love possible, and if so, what does it take?
  3. Is there some untapped passion you have that you've put on the back burner, waiting for the right time to move on it?
  4. How difficult is it to just make the decision to seek "life changes" whether in your love life, family, career, or another aspect of your life?

“Get It Done”

Do not give up! Remember you have permission to take risks in life and do not worry about what people are going to think or say.

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