We Support Our Troops!

Troops do what they think they need to do to defend us, our cause and our country. They need and heavily depend upon courage, love and support from back home.

American Soldier in Iraq

Like wise, we back home, must be courageous, loving and supportive.

We must be couragous and wise enough to realize when enough is enough and take full responsibility for the nature of our thinking and actions.

American Soldiers in Iraq

Just as with any altercation, we must take advantage of every opportunity and use all peaceful means available to us, to diffused any altercation.

American Soldiers in Iraq


"Just Put The Shoe On The Other Foot"

I ask forgiveness, if in my shortsightedness, I choose war over peace. I ask continued strength to do Thy will for violence out of fear has no end.

I suffer the affects of slavery, Jim Crow, Hatred, Military and other unthinkable atrocities and they haunt me today.

African-American Freedom Fighter, Martin Luther King, Jr.!American ICON, Coretta Scott King!

I've seen brothers, sisters and possiblly anyone who helped, Dragged, Shot, Water Hosed, Gased, Chased with dogs and horses and subject to other brutal tactics.

And It Happened Again, Today. I know what it is to live in a constant war zone. I know something is off track when a war zone may appear to offer more comfort than home.

I know what it is to live in fear.

And doing almost anything to rid the appearance that I will do just about anything to fit in.

Patriotic Items

You direct my path, no matter the decisions I make. It's You, I call upon in my time of suffering. I fear not and acknowledge You in all my ways, Always.

May I write "one word" to help someone in need.

Inspire careful consideration before making violent decisions, during these very turbulent times.

Motivate someone feeling down. An American Soldier Iraq!

I wish speedy recoveries for the sick and shut-in.

Freedom and change in heart for victims and accusers.

Last but not least, fortunate for the less fortunate.

I, too, am a Veteran and an American Freedom Fighter.


Peace and Justice should belong to every person everywhere all the time. Maya Angelo

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Ever wondered how these stories came to light? ---Men Refusing to follow Orders and Prison Abuse Scandal---
Colonel David H. Hackworth, Infantry, United States Army (Retired), 1930-2005

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