Try Me Now!

Try Me Now!


Welcome to my web page, a new level for reaching out.

I am a wife of 18 years and the loving mother to three beautiful children.

I love life, enjoy singing about it and in my most recent role as an Evangelist, it is a blessing for me to share with you. Yes, I am passing it on.

I thank God for this opportunity to share my testimony and I trust and pray my sharing will help somebody along the way.

I know what it feels like to be pushed aside, ridiculed, rebuked, scorned, stabbed,left for dead and the experience of Mr. Right turning out to be Mr. Wrong. I have gone through times when I felt I was in the greatest need of someone to rescue me but, there was nobody there for me or my children.

I felt like, even my choice to give up was taken away.

But Try Me Now!

It was like being swepted away by a hurricane, beaten and abused, taken miles away and being safely returned home.

I know only of one power to credit for this miracle in my life. I had no other choice than to believe in a power much greater than myself and I believe it took all of that for me to be unequivocally convinced of this power. That is how I came to be a firm believer and Evangelist :-)

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Evangelist Lillie Jefferson
"Together We Can Make It"
That's my song

Smooth Sailing

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