universal precautions


Is it sometimes you do and sometimes you don't? What about that? Univeral Precautions??? "untimely death"

Are they just about hospitals - universal precautions? What do you do to protect yourself against sickness, illness and disease?

Probably not important is it? Do you really know what to do? Do you really know where real power is? Does the average American have the slightest clue about basic survival skills? I am going to teach and learn that. Educate yourselves.

Will power is something from within? I don't know much and I think about our country, we are a country aren't we, in economic decline?

Lotta folk checking out lately. After you reach 50, pickens start getting kind slim. You start thinking about people and you wish you could get in contact? You wonder what happen to old Art?

What would it be like, if he was here? Would anybody miss you? Are you doing your level best, for yourself?

That lady live to be 103 years old? Now what can she do that you can't? Will power! She was still riding a 3 wheeled bicycle at 103 years old. Untimely Death, why is that so prevalent these days? Why are we plagued by sickness, illness and disease? Were we intended to suffer like that?

You know we didn't have a lot of disease and all that stuff until them Pilgrims came over here. Weren't so prevalent.

Now, we have more of everything but can't live to enjoy it? Why are doctors and Pharmacies a regular part of your daily routine? Do you want it that way?

How is the top be stable, when the bottom is unstable? How can the head be stable with the body unstable? Who’s running your show?

Do you know basic CPR are we organized? On who are you depending, just in case they can save your life? What about a life? The basics, survival skills, why don’t we practice them?

Are we really interested in how to maintain fit? Most are or? Sometimes you do and sometimes you ???

What is the single most important thing to you and without it, you can do nothing ??? Do you know what "untimely death" is? Is it time for our economy to die? Who decides, who are you going to save? Who do you want to save you? Do they know?

How do you lift someone up? How do you lift another man, woman, boy and girl? Are you strong enough - universal precautions?

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