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Did you know that going to school can make you a fool?

Now, I ain't much on this, but the need to make a positive difference compels me to freely exercise my vocal talent and stage presence.

We all have it, but for what are we using it? Now, I am going to ask that same question in a different manner: Can you make a Nuclear Bomb, enrich uranium, cameras, infrared, night vision, microphones... All this spy shit is going to come back to haunt you. Now here is the question again: The dream to give everyone, everywhere an education, what are you educating the on?

Did you know you can educate a people to destroy themselves? To whom should they listen?

Vocal talent and stage presence are tools and any tool can just as easily be used as a weapon, if care is not taken. Vocal talent and stage presence have been used as a way out of poverty while at the same time leading the masses into poverty. Where do we draw the line?

Using your talents to inspire others to give back? The question here is to give back to who- careful with your education? We have given back so much for so long, there's nothing more to give back, unless you're talking to those who have it all.

Now, while you are inspiring others, what about your "monkey ass"? All proceeds from event will directly benefit scholarship fund and will enable the organization to offer basic services directly to young people that address educational opportunities, higher education, scholarship programs, vocational training and job placement, self-esteem counseling and more. Now, do you see the problem? You are doing more of the SOS! Do you even see the strings attached to your ass?

If we get one more formally educated American, on the other side of the line, pointing back talking about you need to do all this artificial bullshit, so we can get where your monkey ass is, we are going to PUKE. Don't be fooled by greed - rich and famous. Hell, everybody wants to be rich and famous, but? Please think about it this way: Your monkey ass ain't even out the barrel, for you have sold out, Body and Soul. Are you telling me being a monkey on a purse-string is prosperity?

Now, I really respect Oprah Winfrey, but I do not want to be Oprah. Would love her money... Barack, I don't want to be Barack...MLK...Steve Harvey...

You know, sometimes the more we do the less we get and our current system of education has proven that.

mission to provide people with the motivation and support they need to graduate from high school and continue to the collegiate level --- is it working, is it functional? Do you know it is better you don't even go to school, under the current conditions? Everybody does not need to go to school. What the hell did people do before we came up with all this mandatory education bullshit? Were the idiots, illiterates, uneducated? How do you think they paved the way for you? Harriet Tubman, do you think formal education would have helped her do a better job? Get your priorities straight. - Less is more, education can be a hindrance, if you can use.

What I want is to be recognized and compensated for my raw talents, just like their asses - no purse strings attached. There is a better way and I know it.

(((your inner

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