Waters of Shiloh

Cleveland, Ohio

Peace be unto you!

Given the current distress and perplexity which the world is experiencing, inspirationally caused by the forces that be through man and nature, it is important that certain mysteries are brought to light at this time, that the wearied soul may find comfort in understanding the time and season, and his designed course and ordained destiny: for the end of the journey is upon you, and so is the glory at its end. The time is now fulfilled, the cycle is at its end, the last fulfillment is at the door; grace to you: for Peace, the latter rain, whom you seek, and whom the world esteems not, is in your midst, incognito: for as it was at the first, so again it is at the last!

To he that has perception: Behold I stand at the door and knock: I the Lord am the first (righteousness) and the last (peace) also I am he. Thus you were told to watch: for he comes as a thief. And understand the presence of a thief: for he never comes announced; but is in your midst, yet unawares to anyone but he that he makes his presence known to: incognito. Let he that has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches (the body of faiths), even unto all men: it is the voice (doctrine: testimony) of the seventh angel (Peace: the last). Simply log on the link below to access the highlights and objectives to this divine mission. The peace of the Father, which is accorded the Son, be with you; and the love of the Father, whom you are, ever to be reflected unto your brethren.

Shalom! Salaam! Namaste!

Eternally with you!

Messenger of the Father

Waters of Shiloh
Person to contact: Nicolas Helez
Cleveland, Ohio 44109
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