Wealth True Wealth

Are you able to realize your spiritual wealth? Your wealth immeasurably more valuable than any material possessions.

Within each of us is a wellspring of beauty. How we express it varies from person to person, but it is there and together we make a whole.

Anyone who has more than food, clothes, and a place to sleep -- have been blessed to be a blessing, whether you are smarter, better, or just work harder than anyone else. Then, reach deep into your soul and share the wealth of beauty buried there.

Now, with a wealth of blessings, which you have been entrusted what work will you do!

I will tear down my barns and build bigger barns! Then I can say to myself, I have done many good things.

How much wealthier will you be?

For the person saving things only for their own good is a foolish man! Soon you will die, then, so what about the things you saved for yourself? Who will get those things now?

God's will versus man's will--the lure of wealth, power, prestige, position, security, style, or the approval and praise of others. Man actually owns nothing and the perception that he does has caused him to create the system of accummulationg personal possessions to be willed to whom he decides. This creation has caused us to lose focus on God's will.

Again, Who will get those things? I don't care, rest, eat, drink, and enjoy life! Then, know you are a foolish person.

Bless them, that they might produce much to share with those who have little, to share with those who have much.

Praying, Praising and Sharing, to Love, to Serve, to Touch others profoundly and eternally is The True Wealth.

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