Why So Few Set Goals?

We have a committment to ourselves and others to do and be the best we can. In order to achieve that, we must know.

  • Not serious with themselves and others.

  • Do not understand the importance of goals and where they start. They start in the home and with self. The earlier you implement the goal-setting process, the better-off we will be.

  • Do not know how to do it. Ignorance can not be an excuse. Find like-minded individuals and work with them. Communicate what it is you want to do.

  • Fear of change, failure, rejection, wasting time...... That is where courage and faith comes in. Positive Thinking. Practice!!!

  • Fear of failure -Sacrifice and Discipline! This may be the most important reason. Fear of "what" I must endure for my success and the success of others.

    The greater the reward, the greater the sacrifice. If you have never failed, more than likely, it is because you have not done anything. One last good way to look at failing is, the more you fail, the better chance of success. Knocked down 8 times, get up 9.

If you were fortunate enough to achieve more than enough in life without setting goals, be grateful and keep in mind how hard it was. Plus, you did not do it alone and how will you teach and help others?

Think now.

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