relieve all suffering

I like to know how others who are not oppressed deal with their oppressed and oppressors, pain and suffering?

Can the blind lead the blind? Can you force change, so why do we force it - forced integration, mandatory education...? Force fed, where is the room to receive?

  • Know words to relieve all suffering.
  • get rid of the fear bred within.
  • “form is emptiness; emptiness is form"

    Love is a "bed of roses" or is it "Long suffering"? What happens when you are cast from your box into what you may view as confusion and chaos? How does it work with you? Is anxiety an attack? Is it kick ass and take names? To whom do you give the names?

    Sometimes, to get what you need you are cast into situations which are very foreign to you. You have not a clue and you're literally terrified. The greatest of which is "screwing things up". You must be careful, if you want to survive. You really have good intentions, but are you capable? Do you have what it takes, over the long haul?

Wisdom, true beyond all doubt. Are we living our best lives or doing the best we can? How can you when you don’t know? The Reception.

One should know of great knowledge, is it beyond the Bible? I mean "is all you need to know" in the Bible? The miraculous, the utmost, the unequalled, whose words relieve all suffering, are they in your Bible? Then, what's wrong with your society? Why can't you speak up? What exactly is your responsibility, your role and why are you afraid as hell to perform?

I was talking with a friend today and she said, "Never in her life-time"? Why do we cut our powers and efforts so short?

This is the highest wisdom, true beyond all doubt. This will change your mentality in the "blink of an eye", if your ass is so inclined and your behavior will follow. It did mine.

Somethings you must not understand, all you have to do is say them, speak them into existence and the blessing will be bestowed upon you. Think how long it would take for you, if you, could understand everything? You thirst for a lack of knowledge.

What makes ancient civilizations ancient? The Heart Sutra advises the practice of deep meditation to gain wisdom and enlightenment, and the realization of the emptiness of form, feeling, perceptions, volitions, and consciousness.

All teachings are empty of characteristics. They are not produced, not destroyed, not defiled, not pure; and they neither increase nor diminish.

Form does not differ from emptiness, nor does emptiness from form. Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses and consciousness. There is no suffering, or cause of suffering, or cease in suffering, or path to lead from suffering.

Wisdom is freedom of any thought, get rid of the fear bred by it and overcome what can upset and in the end reaches utmost Nirvana and wisdom will come to full and perfect Enlightenment. Because each religion or branch of a religion defines the utmost goal in life slightly differently, the concept of Nirvana also varies, but it is the place we all want to be. THE mind of true awakening is the limitless of mercy. The Limitlessly and vastly merciful desire to deliver all beings from worldly miseries. I see as Spirituality. If you can't help, why hurt and if you aren't helping you are hurting.

Do you know how many there are out there who are really enjoying, while the struggles you endure, you see as enjoyment? One proof: Just think on how many millionaires you don't know? Then, how can you tell anyone how to be rich, WEALTHY by refusing the possibility of MIRACLES? That is the same as refusing to accept there is a POWER GREATER THAN YOURSELF. Now, what good is that higher power when you limit him to your thoughts?

The Heart Sutra is commonly chanted for such occasions as morning services, meditation practice, routine meetings, and funerals. It is frequently taught in temples and centers, which are located around the world, but most importantly and especially, in your heart.

At the core of the Heart Sutra is the teaching, “form is emptiness; emptiness is form,” which is the central concept and philosophy. Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond, rejoice!)

Enjoy yourself, be fruitful and multiply.

(((your inner

Words, there's something about yours

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