Working With It

Is being self-employed and different, how from gainfully employed?

Why does it take other people to tell us something like that? No child let behind, a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

Let’s get serious for a moment: How do you build an empire? How do you build a good running business? Ever think about challenging yourself? Do you think it’s something that could be done? Do you think you lived your life accordingly? Where there others who helped? Can we learn from their mistakes?

What does the super rich have that I do not? Does it start with ‘m”?

We build a lot of churches, why don't we... Will a church save you? I mean in any kind of way, will a church save you? Now, the people in the church is another story, but the question remains, Why can't they save their own asses?

Church going folk are a much bigger part of the social and economic circles of this country, yet we're in decline.

I asked some very sexy black lady if she would help me sell "fat litter". She told me "no way" take it, market it your own damn self.

Now, you'll visit the jail house, the church faithfully, but you couldn't figure out a way to help a brother sell fat litter? Aren't the principles the same, as sexy girl selling race cars?

The psychological affects? I’m going to write that article too, BLACK WOMEN NEED A PSYCHOLOGIST? They want you to know something, but ain’t gon tell you a damn thing? House, what about the house honey? The clothes, what about he clothes baby? Food, they got a grocery store, restaurant… Have we thrown the baby out with the bath water?

Quite a few influenial people on this network. Everybody is influencing somebody all the time, so watch how you sleep.

But, what's happening with our most influential people, vips... What is it about Hair and Nails? For what do you use them? How does that help up out of a war time situation? How does it help us out of anything?

What are you influencing us to do? Get an education, job, family and exhail?

Do you ever think of the consequences of working for yourself? Why would anyone want to be their own boss? I mean you want to boss the house, get bossed on the job, should not it be the other way round?

Livelihoods, and in some cases lives, our lives are on the line. Think about shit, life, why waste it on bullshit? I think of the hard work and effort put forth by my parents, my father was self-employed.

Now, how best could a woman help a man that's self-employed, would that be through a woman who understands?

How else can you be an independent anything? Think about that, from 8 -5 m - f, you're a hero and then you come home to...

(((your inner

How do you build a business? How do you build an empire? Is it possible in yOUR life time? Alone, do you build it or do you build it together? A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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