would rather fight than switch!

I would!

most visible ad campaign in the 1960s and 1970s, from 1963 until 1981.

What happened after 1981? Not visible, but is the urge is still there?

Good or bad, has it made a difference? More blackeyes or less blackeyes?

How much more stringent can we make smoking laws? Where are we going with this?

After a certain point, the more emphasis or strength applied the more resistence received, the weaker you become and then you go away? Working with nature or against nature?

The war between the smokers and non-smokers is finally brought to an end.

Does death have a number or time stamp? Time for fresh thinking. If we did not make smoking a big deal, then smoking would not be a big deal.

What other big deals are we making? How long did slavery last? And now what are you thinking? It is the same with anything else.

If you are doing something good does it matter? Make a big deal out of good things. What good has non-acoholics done lately?

No, you can't have my life; I will fight for it.

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