Your inner voice never lies

But does it know what it is talking about?

Butt!Most do not know because we learn to listen to and chase somebody else's dreams.

The new-age/self-help culture is widespread and almost unshakeable in belief and the veracity of their "inner voice". When things go wrong, the reason must be that the inner voice was muffled, people get nervous, excited... That's people must have peace and harmony - less stress.

The standard remedy is to get in touch with one's feelings and that is best accomplished by peace within and out. Then you can feel what's really there, and surrender to pure thoughts. If you do, the sound of the inner voice will ring loud and clear.

It may take time, depending on you. I have a friend who says, give all important decision 3 days. You will know what you have to do, and you don't have to worry about regrets. You will not win them all, but in every case, you have done your very best. It has worked from the beginning of man, without fail, why would it not work now?

Is that too far fetched? Who did we listen to? How could we stand idly by while our comrades committed such atrocities? The same as we do today and now, we can hardly depend on a sole, including our own inner voice.

So take your life back into your own hands and let's get things back on track.

Why me?

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