your package


Do you have a package? What's in my package for you? In sane or out of sane

needs, wants, and the desires of your heart are what's in my package for you?

Now, what's in your package for me? I am afraid to say what one guy said, even though I am straight.

I feel relationships require nurturing and communication in order to grow strong. Don't you feel that when you read my website? You must know, try to understand for understanding sakes what you want and the sooner, the better.

You can't toy around, waiting for the exact moment - dangerous.

I don't expect anyone to read my mind and know my needs, wants, and desires, if I don't say anything. That's insane (though it's better to be in sane than out of sane!). I cannot help that.

Humor is also very important to me. A person who takes him/herself too seriously makes a small package, and are usually boring. Do you know how big your package is or is it how small? Is our world really a small package? Does big things come in small packages? Is it dynamite?

(((your inner

How lost are you really?

Mirage is the best description

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