Where is your mind? Your good sense?

Why are you playing their games? Would you engage in such promiscuous activities with the devil? Have you forgotten your lesson learned?

Who is your teacher and why do you give that to your enemy, then what can you expect your enemy to teach you and your children? Why do you give to your enemy something so precious as your mind?

Who can best teach you and your children? Why can you not trust and depend upon that? Why do you feel so compelled to participate in the sacred activities of your enemy? Can you not do this yourself?

The Holy Spirit is your Teacher, whether you admit or not. Failing to admit is suicidal. Do you a book need to know that?

The Holy Spirit as your Teacher, would help you grasp things not previously understood. As a remembrancer, it would help "them" re-call and apply correctly what they are doing. Communications is a two-way street.

This will enable you to be able to act in ZEAL and EMPOWER you to perform powerful works, by the means of this MIRACULOUS gift, you share achieve your divine purpose.

These teachings are inscribed upon your heart. Who is best suited to teach these valuable skills for you?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Why give that to your enemy?

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