15-year old girl Gets Rich

Being that I write about inspiration, spirituality and prosperity, it has been kind of hard to talk about rich as in money. So, I kind of steered away from it. But as you know, we all need a buck or two. I sitting here eating my second bowl of good ole homemade soup and yes, it is delicious. I am thinking on people losing their jobs, families with small children at home and having to leave them to work a job, they are not happy with. Daily, they leave their families to go out and slave on a 9-5 and still can not make ends meet. Just look around you and now, you are getting an idea why. You can hardly trust anybody. You know when you have children, somebody needs to be home to raise them. Day care? More and more we have become a society that depends on someone else to do everything for us, including raising our children and we call ourselves bread winners. Education, when you look at the stats and experience the warmth of people, then you know it is not working?

The other thing is, we have computers, but most can not figure out what to do with them--SPAM, ANTI-VIRUS, BLOCKS. We strive to improve low income's computer and learning skills through caring mentorship, structured training, a vibrant learning environment, and access to a computer at home. Using computers as a catalyst for youth to challenge themselves, become engaged in their own learning, and realize greater possibilities academically, professionally, and for their community. Slowly, it all going out the window.

There are so many scams and that is because "so many good people" are scared, don't have time... They are held back because of their jobs. Well, what good is your job, when the economy is going to hell?

Hope that 2009 will truly bring change to Americans who find themselves in this mess with me. Here is one good thing to do.

Here's how a 15-year old girl literally generates thousands of dollars by doing exactly that. SeeCase Study: Referrers/Finders Nori Evoy - Anguilla Beaches.com

Grandma got Rich

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