Grandma got Rich

NOTICE: Not a "Get Rich Quick", "Easy" or "Pyramid" scam story.

The internet making the world a lot smaller, you can find great inspirational stories.

How Can A 62 Year Old Computer Illiterate Grandma Use Her Granddaughter's Computer To Type And Click
Her Way To making a fortune Working Online?

Here's a hint...

Without spending a dime.
Without a customer list.
Without a website.
Without any technical experience.
Without talking to anyone.

An empty wallet, a few coins in her pocket and a heart of gold...

Enter here to With just those items, see what grandma did..

We all need to make an honest buck or two and when you find someone doing it, you don't mind sharing. Really, this is story is no different from the other success stories, in that we all started with nothing. The question is, How can I get started and can I relate to this story?

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15-year old girl...her testimony

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