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Devil, why do you show your face here?

I know what you mean. Obviously you are "well out there". You want to be seen and recognized for your efforts to steal, kill and destroy. I hear your cry for attention.

However, just like any other person, we invite the loving part of you, the part you fail to mention, the part unknown to you; to join forces with us and share with the world how all of what you shared here, makes you feel? How does it help your harmonious conduct? Why are you under cover?

Know that you are loved and welcome, not because of who you say you are, but because of who we know you are, a fellow human being, enslaved and entangled by dark forces and that is why you showed your face here. Just like any human, you desire to live better.

That doing things the way you do them, imposing yourself, demonstrates your lack of understanding for life and working in harmony.

We all are connected, but we all are not stupid and foolish.

What is a Post Turtle?

I pray you may be able to find peace within and openly share with the world.

Please do not hesitate to share the good things about whatever it is you do....Art

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