2008 Presidential Election Called

Let's just go ahead and call this Historic 2008 Presidential Election for America.

Today, 3 November 2008, your-inner-voice.com crowns Barack Obama, Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America.


Originally, I would have said John McCain because of his wealth of experience and being a pretty smart guy, until he proved us all wrong.

  • The Risky business of nominating Sarah Palin as his running mate, the thought of which has become "increasingly frightening", as a Vice Presidential Candidate? America does not want to chance more Bush government. She just can not afford it! He shot his experience in the foot with that nomination.

  • Four more years of Bush economics, Bush policies, Bush economics and an administration plagued by cynicism, constitutional violations, anti-intellectualism and criminality--crisis after crisis. McCain, first aligning himself and then distancing himself, knowing all the time he is still a Bush economic policy supporter and is being backed by The Invisible Man. It seems to be his first attempt at pulling the wool over the eyes of America.

  • Wrong War? Too costly, untimely and too many lives being lost over lies?

  • Shifting demographics of America and the Republican Party's inability to attract a diversified, united people? America is tired of divisive politics and there simply are not enough Republican support to win against the Barack/Biden team. Republicans have seriously under estimated and ignored the needs of the people.

  • The Republicans desperately needed a Barack Obama. It could have been Sarah Palin, but her first historic date with America was met with so many controversies and scandals, especially for such a high stake event.

  • Mass media and McCain/Palin’s inability to stay connected. Without the media, what chance do you really have at becoming President of United States of America?
What next? Vote and get ready, once again, to be a United States of America!

America's Historic Presidential Election 2008 Results

OMBAMBIDEN, 2008 Presidential Election Called

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