2009 Recession

"officially declared" and Next

A recession has been "officially declared"? Too Late and too modest! Like closing the barn doors after the cows have gotten out. Weakening the big picture. The bad news is that we are seriously in denial of being in a serious depression. That is what I and many others like me are in. Like being on a plane with engine problems, ignoring them and continuing on your journey. Ouch!

I guess my point is better made depending from which direction you are looking-- from the top, down or from the bottom, up. Like termites eating away at a house, what good is a good roof. It would be a travesty for that lesson to be learned too late.

Recognize and face your problems. A serious depression is what the bulk of America is facing and feeling. Talk to the people, someone who has lost their job, a recent high school grad preparing for college, no health care, loss of home, no money to pay rising utility bills or to feed families, people on welfare, disabled, Veterans, Native-Americans? And the number is growing bigger by the seconds. Talk to someone who has had trouble getting credit all alone; Good credit, no credit, bad credit? Stuff has really hit the fan for people struggling prior to the official declaration for our most recent recession. Now, that was the recession. It has gotten so bad, that America has conceded to its first historical Presidential election--Hello

How to Weather the Storm? How to Take Advantage of the Bad Times? Energize your career. Refinance your home. Buy a home. Look for the next great stock investments. Negotiate almost everything. Seems like money is still our main focus. Well, is not that how we came to this negative point in the first place? Did not we learn anything? People looking for quick fixes? Everybody wants to go, go, go; but where to?

money, greed, disrespect and disregard for people, land, environment, domesticated animals and religion; A negative, male-dominating, double standard system, known as the “pyramid hierarchy system”. The poor gets poorer while the rich...

We need competent people; we can depend on, in key leadership positions and roles dedicated to the health and welfare of The People they serve. People who have, can and are not afraid to walk the walk and not just talk the talk; those who know how to survive difficult times. They are serious and know the meaning of working together. They know how to spread the wealth. They know how to deal and help others. Those are people, people respect and trust.

Christmas is right around the corner?

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