7 Girl Types to Avoid (3)

Miss No-Money Bags

She has champagne tastes on a beer budget and a walk-in closet full of financial skeletons. But that doesn’t bother her because she also has a preternatural ability to get into men’s wallets as well as their beds. She’s counting on you to keep her in the style to which she hopes to become accustomed.

She looks for the financially well-off man so she can mooch off him.

How she’ll lure you in: She’ll play on your natural affinity for nurturing and caretaking.

It’s like stumbling onto a beautiful, crumbling Victorian house: You see past the sagging floors and peeling paint and envision how magnificent it could be. You figure a little “investment” will pay off big for both of you. Besides, what’s a little money when she’s the woman of your dreams?

Spot her before you’re hooked: Whenever it’s time to pay, her wallet is conveniently AWOL – it’s in her other purse, she left it at home, she’s short on cash until she gets paid. Initially, it might seem reasonable to float her a little cash.

But eventually her handout requests get larger and larger until one day, you may find yourself buying her a car, co-signing on a loan or making a down payment on a house.

She’ll try to persuade you that “it’s for us,” but you’ll be the one on the financial hook.

When things go south, not only will she break your heart, she’ll also put you deep in debt and tank your credit rating.

7 Girl Types to Avoid (4)

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