Abraham, What can I learn

Vulnerabilities, to put them up front? How do you know?? How do you "be different"?

The largest room in the world, where is the room to be different? iF IT IS EASY, you're in the wrong business.

I used to steal, rob and kill for a living, to what good was that ? What good, how does it best serve me to take advantage of my fellow man. What can I expect in return? Betrayal, is there not enough to go around.

Faith, Courage, Humility, Love, can you have either one, without the other?

Do you know how hard it is to put your vulnerabilities up front? What does it mean to be vulnerable? To feel like you are walking around naked? Would you be the shame of the universe?

It's not easy to embrace you and you know why. But every time you bounce back into this SuperMan chest.

What can we learn from ABRAHAM, Harriet Ross Tubman, Sojourner Truth? Do you see yourself? There are several books available, but none beat the Book in Your Heart.

Such deep down inside, question yourself and your ability to promote others? How do you lift up a people, a land? Look into His eyes, see His sincerity, His looks; now look in the mirror? Are you all made up? A picture is worth 1,000,000 words, the imagine of.

His life! How do you bring greater meaning in life? Chat with those who know. Never meaningless – to no one. Leave the land of your birth and head out. Do you need details? Live as Sojourners for the rest of your life. “All” the families of the land will be Blessed. The ultimate sacrifice.

Exactly, what qualities does it take to Enjoy a long life before dying in peace.

He was a friend in Faith, Courage, Humility, Love,; can there be one of these without the other? I don't think so.

How do you "be different"? Must you struggle at it? Is it easier being different or is it easier to be the same as everyone else? Why do they want us to be the same, when we are different? Which is the most insulting to which? We've mastered their game, but can they master ours? Do they know what it's like to be an average American, you are average aren't you?

If a people are good, why do you need a book? If the book is good why do you need a people? You need a book, a mediator when a people has lost their way, when cannot trust another man to put you on the right road home. Every time he'll put where he wants you to go instead of in the direction about which you inquired.

Let them pass freely, if you ain't going to tell a man the answer to the question or give him directions to the place about which he's inquiring, why don't you tell him?

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Getting A People to REACH?

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