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Let's see? The people bailed out a few large American Corporations and it hadn't been all that long ago. Talking about Personal and professional careers and cutting the social safety net?

Americans at about 56-years old feel like they are sitting on a big pile of nothing, as Millions of Americans fall victim to -- U.S. health insurance for the poor -- and food stamps.

That pressure Americans want to know 'Is this going to end, when'? And the U.S. debt crisis rules out further extension of government programs.

Many middle-class Americans are now struggling to get by. The numbers are quickly growing of Americans struggling to live on government subsidies and minimal food aid.

Washington is considering cuts to social welfare programs to shrink a swelling budget deficit. What happened to BailOuts?

The bigger problem is with the economy by dampening consumer demand and lowering output. Economists argue the existing benefit system is overly generous and makes Americans too dependent on social services that are untenable at a time of skyrocketing debt. What about big business? Do you know how many of them became wealthy or made a good living from Government Contracts?

It is not going to get better unless YOU make it better. What happened to all that money? Are wealthy Americans going to stand by and watch poor Americans go under?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times? The age of wisdom. Who led us to this economic breakdown?

(((your inner

PLAY in Personal and Professional careers

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