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PLAY in Personal and Professional careers

Art playing!!

What about your personal and professional growth? Can you really seperate the two?

I was talking with a young professional and boy was he beat down. He said he was a campaign manager for a big politician. My thoughts were how can you be anything worth something to anybody, as beat down as you are?

I am career oriented, focused, determined, dedicated, now what? Take a good hard look at our current jobless situation? Somehow, we have learned to separate the two? One people, one nation, one life, One World and you cannot separate any of that.

Does play take away from any of that? What are the consequences of doing all of that without incorporating time for play? As we go through life parents, mentors and significant others are becoming more and more what I call self-obsessed with the idea of accomplishing career goals. You have gotten there so fast, juveniles now run everything. NO RESPECT? Everything has to be in accordance with a juvenile mentality. All of this knowing all work and no play makes for a dull person and life? So let’s look at that?

Does play take away from any of that? Just the opposite, we must maintain a healthy balance in life and stop making a spectacle of everything. In play, we instinctively exercise all our senses. The results of which minimizes pressure and stress. I am having fun doing what I love.

What are the consequences of doing all of that without incorporating time for play? Depression is number one! Laughter is medicine for the soul. You stay connected to your inner child. I free myself to play.

Just as I must plan for my career goals, I must plan for play. Exercise my love, joy and zeal in play.

It is all a mental thing feeding the rest of your body. With play incorporated first, nothing is ever taken too seriously. If you are happy, where is the incentive to cheat. That has been something between men and women forever and we never got the shit straight. Women have become so career oriented they overlook their personal careers for their professional careers. Keeping a happy balance in work and play is the secret.

Well who teaches juveniles?

I commend enjoyment, for there is nothing better for people under the sun than to eat, and drink, and enjoy themselves.

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