About people who start wars.

When it comes to wars, people fight them and they come in two categories: people who think war is necessary and people who start unnecessary wars.

Wars are over religion, land and resources. These are all God given things for everybody.

Siblings, if siblings are having a dispute, would you tell, advise, suggest either to take a weapon against the other, no matter how severe the dispute? This just would not be moral or ethically acceptable, wouldn't be sound advice and would cause more problems than it would resolve, if you do not want serious injury.

Why would not it be the same with any other situation, be it family, national or international?

Double standards? There is a constant war going on everyday in my community. Our corrupt justice system, unethical politicians and we have some nasty ass, racial profiling, hiding in the bushes, uneducated, gas guzzling, gun wheeling cowards behind a badge for policemen. Proof - Protect and serve, who is really the boss? Where is their character? Not all, but most. That has been my personal experience.

Crime and violence is steady on the rise and we act like we do not know why. What is their incentive to do otherwise? Between them and our justice system, they cause more crime than they ever will solve. Crime pays the bills and provides job security. I did not mention Preachers, are you really making a difference? Situations are often blown out of proportion by instigators. Terrorism? What next?

Some might twist my words to say, I do not have any love and respect for my country or any other? For 23 years, I put my life on the line for my country and still am. The thing is, I CARE and have the utmost respect for myself and my country! I was brought up that way. I care enough to write it like it is. I care enough to ask for change, whether it happens or not? With the history of America, we are the last to tell anyone how to achieve peace. Ask a slave or a Native America? The question is, what do I have to show for it? The next question is, what do my fellow veterans have to show for it? War is hell, not just on the soldiers, but on all concerned? I know there is a better way and I am going to tell you about it.

People who think war is necessary can always think of a good reason for others to take their dumb asses out to be shot at. Strong language is necessary and better than a bullet. They tell you about patriotism, history and rumors of wars. They glorify war and its participants. They have a unique way of making the battlefield more attractive than home- Propaganda. And when you become a vet, then what? They live double standard lives.

As Christians, Do not kill? But there is always one who can find a good reason to. How can we achieve a different result when we keep doing the same old stupid shit? Violence only begets more violence.

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Starting a new War a new Revolution?

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