Starting a new War a new Revolution

A government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations, plaqued by an era of corruption in high places. Whatever happened to the power of people? We the people are going to take some power back.

Yes, I am starting a new type of warfare and I am wanting this to take hold. I like guns for hunting just as much as the next man.

People don't start wars, governments do. About people who start wars?

I am starting a new type of war, a new revolution against the use of violence to achieve non-violence. We are well out of control and it is a contradiction in terms. It is a gross double standard. It promotes domestic and all other kinds of violence. I am not as stupid as you may think. I know there are and will be a few incidents where we have no choice.

How can I start a war? This has to be a war that can address the needs and concerns of every human being.

Weapons of choice? Which is mightier, the pen or the sword? Sharper than any two-edged sword! Do you really believe that? Do you live by it?

The pen is mightier than the sword, how can that be? If I shoot you down with a word, you will live to survive the war today. Your families! Suffering is not nearly as severe? No more amputees or destruction of property. We can focus our efforts on more constructive strategies. Crime rates are significantly reduced. Wars are costly, a price greater than any one of us can ever repay? Together we can confess and ask forgiveness for the evil we have already done, in words and deeds. We can learn something about anger management and self-control, things we never knew? The future is bright. Demonstrates progress. People skills. Every man, woman, boy and girl, what have you got to loose?

The sword or any other violent means: Looking for a different result while doing the same old stupid shit. No confessing, No forgiveness. A mix of human and systemic failures.

The pen is my way or waging war and the people can do it. Please subscribe? Please donate? Please respond?

your inner voice

About people who start wars?

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