Sympathize with us in our affliction.

A recent increase in violence!

Hi your-inner-voice here,

There is no cure for what you have.

I hear that all the time. What can you do?

There is no cure for what you have, but there is healing. Healing comes from unselfish concern for others, from integrity, goodness and forgiveness. There are healings and there are cures. In many cases, we are forced to make a choice, so most do not experience both.

Sometimes healing does not look like a cure and consequently, we Do NOT believe we are healed. All we need is to hear it from a person we trust. Is this an affliction?

The causes! Every time we reach past personal concerns to encourage and lift others, we experience a healing. When we feel anguish or animosity, we can find healing by letting go of anger and blame. Often times it is hard to let go of negative feelings that keep us stuck and bitter.

Sympathize with us in our affliction. Humility and meekness are the balm of Gilead. Kindness and empathy are our healing powers. Sincere prayer and meditation soothes the worried soul. Even the beauties of nature can lift our spirits and help us look to a higher source for healing.

God has promised us: I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold, I will heal thee. By his stripes... Just ask God for what you need, and connect and do more. How do you do that? How do you reach the masses?

SBI is a most remarkable tool to help us figure that out.

To experience more healing in life, Please visit SBI to learn how you can help today.

your inner voice

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