Afraid of the Top

Some are afraid of heights!

Some people are terrified of even the thought of being on top. They will talk shit to you all day long, but when it comes time for them to stand, with every excuse, they will remain seated every time.

Do you know how long women have been fighting for their rights and we have just started to recognize. I will not mention all the others, including children. Just what kind of people are we?

So for what do you stand? Is it a one for all and an all for one? How can that be?

You never know from where comes your help, so why try to exclude so many from you support network? What is your target audience? Why all the hype?

Who’s on the bottom and is it okay to be on bottom? The bottom must come to the top, it is just the nature of this game called life. You cannot stay in one place; everything is constantly moving and changing, faster than you and I could ever keep up. So it behooves us not to blink. Don't blink or you will miss out. Recognize your own self-worth and apply it, otherwise, we will have a whole bunch of sorry asses!

Must you ask, how do you get to the bottom? Have we been missing out or hitting it on the head? That is the bottom – Sorry Asses!

They do not want to see things change. They are afraid of the bottom and always want to be on top, knowing the only thing that starts out at the top is a hole. So the real bottom is not the point from which we all start, but those who refuse to move up. Maturity!

How do you get to the top? Just like all the rest, stand and be recognized.

(((your inner

Moving forward How do we all move forward?

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