Ain’t giving you a damn thing

Worth a shit anyway? Pleasure of a Mad Spirit – Black folk ain’t going to give you SHIT.

How great are you? Are you creating jobs? If you ain't creating jobs then what are you doing? Why do I keep working and teaching, yet matters spiral further and further out of control? As a matter of fact, the more you work and teach, the worse things get. How are we going to grow together?

If Black folk ain't approved, sanctioned BY, validated BY, protected by White folk they would NOT give you a damn thing, no matter how bad you needed it. We can figure out how to get them everything they need, but we can't figure out how to get us shit - unduly influenced? This is sad, very very bad, but TRUE.

They know it but ain't gon say it or ain't gon share it. If they got it, it is going to be theirs. They will help you a little, a nickel here and a dime there, but when it comes right down to it, Black folk are going to short Black folk every time. I don't care how much money is involved, a black person is going to short a black person every time. Black on Black Crime!

I don't know how to put this so your "dumb ass" can really understand... I really want to write this so it clearly drives this point home in the most effective and efficient manner.

Read it and recognize what's being said. We are perishing our own! The reason why Black Americans don't have a damn thing is because THEY REFUSE TO SHARE.

We talk a whole bunch of shit, but when it comes right down to it, Black Americans, African-Americans ain't going to share a damn thing with another African-American.

Why not? African Americans figure if they share anything with another African-American, that person may get one step ahead, they may get a little more, they may use it against them...superstitious as hell--But that is why African-Americans don't have a damn thing. They Ain’t giving you a damn thing - tHE CLOSED FIST MENTALITY, conditioned and way.

African-Americans will not open their hands to give nor receive. You don’t have a damn thing because of the close-fist mentality, nothing in, nothing out. You don’t want anybody to have anything unless it comes directly from your ass - DOMESTIC Abuse and VIOLENCE.

Job, we talk about and practice all this professionalism BULLSHIT, knowing "we" will set you up for failure before we set you up for success. Training for what job? Going Back to school for who's job? Simply put, not functional and we cannot depend on each other. One eyed Jack!

You cannot give what you do not have and you cannot receive what is not given. We render our own selves POWERLESS. We want to vote, but not quite sure where our vote goes - in the Bush's.

Your spouse, can’t have a damn thing unless you give it, your children, your community and it just goes on until Nobody has a damn thing because you refuse to share what you have. Those who have end up promoting themselves out, leaving us in the basket. A vicious cycle.

Information, why don’t we share information – Communications? Now, this one we have, but we will sit on it until JC comes, just to watch you perish. yOU'LL WAtch your fellow man lose everything he has and don't say a damn word and have the nerve to talk about his ass behind his back to get his wife or so. Encourage people who are discouraged or depressed.

Compromising our integrity? Now, we boot-leg movies..., why don’t we boot-leg functional information? Is it against the law for us to exchange FUNCTIONAL INFORMATION for our own good?

Respect our parents, respect our children, respect our communities. Whiskey, wine, jobs, education, police, we will all participate, but when it comes to sharing functional information, we ain’t going to share shit.

In our case, by first helping others has done nothing but back-fire on us. It’s time to help ourselves and by first helping ourselves we will help others.

Wake up and start sharing before it is too late - before we perish. So, what is the most important thing we can share???

(((your inner

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