We just don't work well together.

So we may as well dig a hole and crawl our asses on over into it. So, where does it start? With who? Going astray? Finding solid ground? Ask me, Am I crazy?

Why do you keep writing to yourself? I don't wanna lose this feeling. Do you realize how long it took me to get right here?

What are we doing parents and family members in our home? What the hell are we discussing. I know my wife, I can hardly talk with she is so busy. What kind of plans are you making before disaster strikes?

Just how do you run a family business? Does writing do anything for life, including writing on the walls of caves? Have you or your partner written anything to enhance your life skills?

How in the hell do you plan to make? How do we live life? Then you want to go jump on their bandwagon - AARP?

Everybody has got their way, but we think we have significantly less and they significantly what we need? Do you sense something? I'm sensing something, it's like we’re not supposed to work together.

You don’t respect my work, I don’t respect yours. Hell, I don't even know what your're doing? Where is breakfast lunch and dinner? This is America isn't it? So cold and certainly I ain’t going to pay, if I could? So what good would money do us?

Our women, do you know what’s it’s like to really have it going on? How is it to be able to follow your passions and make money? Now, I’ve had a few jobs which paid me well for following their passions, but never a nice pay check for following my passions. Always having to run for them?

Hell, I'ld would rather sitback and rot in hell first. You always talking about restrain yourself, practice discipline and now what? What about our veterans, seniors, poor...and the list goes on. Together, we're about as effective as tits on a boa hog.

What struggle? Hell, you can do bad by yourself? For what are we struggling? Are we struggling for nothing?

It's something about sneaking upon shit. I see those Chinese reproducing, East Indians, Mexicans, everybody but yours truly. We can't seem to get off 1st base? All that sophistication and nothing but an empty wagon and talking about shit we cannot understand - collaboration, empowering...? We don't even have a "Hot Air Balloon".

i guess it's a trade off, partying or living? Are you teaching them how to "playhouse" or live life? A man's got to do what a man's gotta do? Then, why do we need everything new?

Always had to be some strings attached. But we ain’t supposed to work together. Women do one thing, men another and where do they meet in the middle? Long short-story: IF we were doing it so well, why don’t the value of our communities increase, why can't we target them for awhile instead of all the time being the target?

We can work together on a 9-5 but not together in our own business. What's up with that? We can learn in school but not in our own community - functional/practical learning.

Have you found what made you turn your life around?


Help somebody, stop agreeing just for the sake of agreeing, talking for the sake of talking, there has got to be a greater purpose than self.


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