Am I Impatient

Am I too impatient? I want it now? I need it now? Got to have it now! I deserve it now! I have earned it now?

What does this have to do with being impatient? In some people jealousy causes them not to promote their businesses? China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, from which we will trade, but what about each other? What happened to the American dream? Was it the middle man who sold us out? Was it our noble leaders?

I am not going to let them have more than me? He ain’t got no job? She ain’t no job? They ain’t got no jobs and ain’t working? They want something for nothing? Instead of helping you, they will talk about you, when they need to be working together, helping each other. Then everybody can prosper.

Instead of tearing down, why not build up? Now, in which race are the impatience and jealousy traits most prevalent?

What does all this have to do with being impatient? Do you want your business to kick off now or later? Do you need Bernie Madoff to advise you? Motivate yourself and do it now or our country is paying the consequences? It has already started. All due to "your impatience". You wanted to go so fast!

Now, is the time for positive action, personal and professional business development. We must trade with ourselves! If you don't do it, then who will? For what are our soldiers fighting if we are not going to do our jobs in the rear?

You cannot loose with the stuff I use. Subscribe now and pay later! You know!

(((your inner


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