Am I better


should I be better than anyone else?

You say "no", but your every action says "yes".

Who cares, What an arrogant ass attitude?

Superior and Inferior, Am I? Am I really that bad?

Every day I get up running a little faster than the day before. Do we ever stop struggling in vain? For what am I working?Where is everyone scrambling to go, why? When I get too old to run, then what am I going to do? Is that it?

Is it the system or what? My quest for more, and more, high paying jobs brought me to this arrogant empty point. The system says do all this stuff and when you get there, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The more I work, the further behind I get. The more distant I become to what's most important to me, family members, the more anxiety and animosity. All about me, is this the way life is meant to be?

How many people must I knock down, getting to where I think I am supposed be, knowing all the time it's not?

Am I supposed to richer or poorer than the next guy? Promises, promises, empty promises, now, do you understand why things are so screwed up? Do I understand I am not headed where I think I am headed but where I know I am headed and refuse to admit?

Life is not all about you. Build your life for safety and security in old age, that is where you’re headed. That is, if human beings are Superior Beings?

Today is our rude awakening. What I was doing has made me worse. Today, I’ve learned I am no better than the next guy and there is always someone worse. They are my reason for living, not the other way around.

It all starts and ends with being humble, meek and living that way. Now, I am truely better.

I say, never lie to yourself again.

(((your inner

Never Be Lied to Again

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