Never Be Lied to Again


Is this the first lie, indicating deception or covert intention or is it a good old Freudian slip?

Never say "never"?

“To tell you the truth,” I had better get me some new friends. “To be perfectly honest,” and “Why would I lie to you?”

In an ideal society there would be no need for lies. But we live in a world of deception. And whether you want to play or not, you’re in the game. The question is, do you want to win?

When we are wrongfully accused, only a guilty person gets defensive. Someone who is innocent will usually go on the offensive.

The guilty are uncomfortable with silence. He stalls by asking you to repeat the question or by answering your question with a question. “Where did you hear that?” “Could you be more specific?” Where is “why”?

“I don’t want you to think that…” Whenever someone makes a point of telling you what they’re not doing, you can be sure it’s exactly what they are doing. Does it work the same for what they do not want? Such as, “Not to hurt your feelings, but…”

If he lies about one thing, everything he says is questionable. How to Get the Truth Out of Anyone! Why is it not working?

I say "never" lie to yourself, you can't help what other folk do and you'll spend the rest of your life trying to figure them out. Take care of yourself and eveything else will fall in line.

Parts of this article are taken from "Never Be Lied to Again".

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Identity theft cost you.

Lie, Lying, Lied, Liar

How big can they get?

Cute little liars, telling cute little lies.

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