America For Richer or Poorer


Americans for Middle Class, what happened to Richer or Poorer?

Mitt Romney says, Poor people don’t need help?

Presidential candidates and Government officials, where is that mystical mythical middle class? Listening to presidential candidates, I heard Mitt Romney say, Poor people don’t need help.

He’s one, but not the only one who honestly do not believe Poor people need help. No only have American government officials convinced themselves of this, but many Americans have convinced themselves of this.

I submit to you this is the reason and solution to class warfare.Why don’t we identify with the poor class? Why do American think, been convinced of a middle class and being in it? What’s the difference from living from month to month with a paycheck and surviving without?

For richer or poorer, there is no such thing as a Middle Class. You either have too much or not enough. You either “is or ain’t”. And it has been too long Americans citizens have not had enough and this didn’t “just get started”. That’s Class Warfare!

I’m left to believe that this middle class everybody is talking about are American citizens with “specialty jobs” and when you talk with them, they are in more debt, let’s just say, they are indebted slaves living off credit. This so called middle class is made up of poor people trying their level best to get somewhere.

Every inspirational book we have says, “We should help the poor”, but more and more Americans are saying, “We should help the Middle Class”. Why are we so confused, misled, misguided and in denial?

Don’t fool yourselves, everything America has ever done has been for richer against the poorer and in all cases it has been and still is for THE Rich, by the rich - CLASS WARFARE.

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

(((your inner

Think back!

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