Think Back


Do you know what we're doing, Do you really understand? Sometimes you must look back to better yourself?

As Americans, most of us don't care and that's the major problem, so we're silent and/or just go along with the flow. Then, how can we blame them?

For just a moment think back. Think back on all the discoveries, accomplishments, violence and how our ancestors accomplished much more with less? They work so you may have a better life today. They worked harder and smarter, but had a “double standard”. It's crazy how we can embrace slavery, Indian wars, gender abuse, yet act as innocent and victimized as a "church mouse".

Being the goal of every generation is to be better than the previous, why do we today accomplish so much less with more? Even worse, why are we going backwards? The harder we work, the fewer jobs we have? Do foreign leaders have anything to do with that or similar issues?

Having the knowledge, the knowledge from hind sight and if hind sight is 20/20, to improve upon their mistakes, why are we declining? With all the knowledge of how to “build better relationships”, why do we have so many relationship problems?

It seems we are too eager to play a role in and celebrate the deaths of foreign dictators; that we ignore the evil works of our own evil dictators.

Just to mention a few foreign dictators, so far there is at least three that immediately comes to mind, Suddam Hussein, his children, Osama Bin Laden, Muammar (Omar) Gaddafi and all the people we killed and was killed in order to kill – hangings, executions and captures. The thing is, we feel justified, but for what they do to us, we feel violated? How can that be?

If we show no signs of remorse or mercy, what will be shown for us? Where are we headed with all of this? How can we clean up the rest of the world, when we are just as evil or worse? Is it the attitude of, I can do what I want? Is it bipolar disorder, increasingly unpredictable?

How can I show you wrong, when I am even more wrong? Whose life will be lived in vain? How cannot our own irrational behaviors and violence send shivers down our spine?

All we had to do was to remove the “double standard and stop class warfare”. To do that, all we need to do is "think back".

Our intent is to honor a boy or girl born yesterday, in that our faith and future may be brighter. Remove the double standard and stop the class warfare in America and honor a boy and girl who sacrificed their yesterday for you today. And every time you think about giving in or up, "think back".

(((your inner

The U.S. wants more and more wrong stuff.

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