America, Americans and Politics, Politicians

Is America really run by 545 people? Then what are the other 300 million doing? America, Americans and Politics, Politicians?

America, the Country All these politicians are going to do something for. Where is it? What has taken them so long? All about how much they are going to do for America and Americans? How many kinds of Americans do we have and about which ones are our Politicians talking?

I do not think campaign season ever ends in America. More than that, we want to establish the kind of government, we call democracy in undeveloped countries or countries like Iraq.

Who are the Americans about whom they are talking? Can you tell an American from any other foreigner in America? I hear all the time about immigrants, legal and illegal, and they are able to do more in America than Americans. Ask Native Americans, African Americans or Poor Americans.

Has any politician ever done anything for America and Americans? Then, what are “The People” doing? If anything ever gets done in America, how can it not be for the people? How can it be something the people doesn’t want? Now, that is where your politicians come in.

Drinking water, when we started all these city and county water systems, it was for the convenience of the American people? Water was supposed to be safe and cheap for every American? When we started with Natural gas, it was suppose to be for the convenience of the American people? Electricity, for the convenience of the American people? Oil, for the convenience of the American people? Now, Look? The American people cannot afford them, plus Global Warming. After all the money and effort the American people put forth for these systems to be for their own comfort and convenience, things have worked out for just the opposite. Why is that? My guess is more politicians and not enough Americans? Americans do not get involved nearly enough, except to finance these major undertakings.

I don’t say do something bad to Politians, but do you understand, out of all the political jargon, no American politician has ever done anything good for America or Americans, without the people being first. Well, they weren’t supposed to do anything that would undermine the American people. Is that true? Now, has politicians historically kept their word? Do they keep their word today?

So why are we forced to listen to them? Why do we “pay” Politians? I mean with all their campaign promises and money, why wouldn’t they do what they are campaigning about on their own money and time?

Voting Is Down To Its Final Days, For which Politician do I vote? Do you really know how confused politicians keep Americans?

Follow (((your inner voice))) Forget about and stop depending on politicians, Create more jobs for yourselves, your families and others, without, America and Americans are going to hell. It seems like all Politian’s ever do is create confusion and chaos - telling lies and starting wars. -Wars--gas wars, oil wars, drug wars, racial wars, religious wars, land wars,,,

Has America ever been more divided than she is today? Why would we, The American People, that has been in America for sometime ever vote for another politician to lead America? Is it too late for America, Americans and Politics, Politicians, the two just do not mix. They know that, but they just "don't give a damn".


(((your inner

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